Super Requiem

from by Quartez

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Its the beast out its cage
The worlds
In rage
My mind sways
These zombies
Rats all on me
Trying to steal this reel
This real
Don't give a fuck how you feel
I'm back bitches
Slaying theses fishes
Magiclands mine
Back on my grind
I'm gonna shine
Like supernovas across time
Played the gentleman
No win
Don't grim
Or get lit
With brainwave mits
Smashing tracks
Burning stacks
Don't give fuck about a dollar
I could die tomorrow
Been running these blocks
Now i skate the world
Through electric grids
Cool kids
Give my spongy spins
Sparking revolution
You prostituting
Selling out self
For dollars and gems
Put your neck out
Save the world
Or get burned by
Elites firm
Cant stand
The pundits grand stand
I'm the man
Stand back
We last
But first to blast
Words of wise
The more they press
The more I'm live

Dudes talking murder
I'm talking conversion
Ride with me
This mental revolution
Rhyme restitution
Collecting for all this wackness
I'm a doc
Join my practice
Knock the earth of its axis
Captain's prerogative
Corrupt politicians get their ass kicked
You can see what happen
When too much unjust
The youth bust
Windows and spaceships
I don't condone it
Society must own it
The new miliny
Its Info wars
And I'm a captain
Hitting your eardrums right where ya standing
Commanding words
Typed or audible
The moon doughs horrible
Famine, conflicts
Fixed politics
The clock tics
The populous don't give a shit
Too busy getting fucked up
Chasing paper
When economy collapses
Better grab your laser
Its the wild west redo
The postman sequel
So I travel light
Me and the music
Soloist in flight
I could perish in an instance
And i be alright
Sight beyond sight
Thunder and cats
Rain and rats
Logs of flats
This devolution
Back to the homestead
Fighting for scraps
Campfire raps
Red dead redemption
Message I'm sending
Your better hear it
Don't fear it
Steer it
To alternate time lines
My minds live
In your face lies
I despise
Solitary confinement
Gave me enlightenment
Now I'm bolder
Magicland on my shoulders
Sending orders
Through cyberspace
My nerds with me
This comic com 24/7
Exist infinitely
Fighting crimes
By intelligent designed
Rhymes of righteous
Net worth priceless
Might just
Do nothing for decades
Listening to sound waves

Theses clowns walking around with chips
The fangs of life
Dead it quick
Layer cakes
Paying dues
The ways of abuse
Test toss their own
Lost one
Learn the game fast
Or be deleted from the map
The mind forever rocks
Determined by crime records
I'm a mind wrecker
Seen agents
Dr mind bender
Twisting my psyche
Now no ones like me
Destroyed by the system
Rebuilt from wisdom
Of ancient aliens
Living to pass jewels
Your breaking laws
I'm defying laws of physics
Dig this
Half will disintegrate
Half will elevate
How long
These soapboxes gonna spit
Politician, rappers, celebs
To find knowledge
Be well read
Or be dead
Zombie land
Where flashing
Is the standard action


from P​.​N​.​G., released December 21, 2012




Quartez Lansing, Michigan

Space Captain and sometimes I rap.

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