by Quartez



We're in a new age
The lost decade
Turning the page
Transformed the brain to machine
Digital psyche
know what I mean
Tweet phrases
Electronic pages
Defining our greatness
Face to face
Lost to spaceships
Supreme tactics making
The neck bent statement
Have you seen dude
Nah he locked in the basement
Socially doomed
But you are too
The brick and mortar
Starts the closure
Remember when we were ODB
Now we're just Old Cranky
Don't thank me
For banking on failures
Threads woven by tailors
Stuck in the trailer
Fame is the jailer
The freedom to create
But humanity favors
The drones over saviors
The warning was clear
But you would rather drink a beer
Watch dudes move pigs
through the sphere
Gridirons applying your fear
Twisting the wound
Lets Be Clear
Speak cryptic near
Senator speech the rear
The rest get the mirror
See your deeds
Then sell your needs
Mobilize the fiends
Defining the leans
Board walking the seas
Then taking your greens
Or digital schemes
Rearranging the means
By which we perceive
Why you wear those glasses
So I can see
Directly messaging me
Be sure to make it count
If the numerals doubt
Then cancel em out
We can build a house
Or perish in the drought
Of ideas
ID as
A nameless bag of tortillas
Hand rolled by sweetness
Indigenous pleases
The ways of genius
True to the game
Repeat this
Blessed by Jesus
Or was it Jesus
Hey Zeus your in there too
God's defining the school
Pledging to the rules
And regs
It's been said
We're all dead
Just existing in some dudes head
Regardless, stay well fed
With wisdom and pens
Bucking the trends
Riding the wave till it all ends


released April 10, 2016




Quartez Lansing, Michigan

Space Captain and sometimes I rap.

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