by Quartez

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Digital grave
Bury the lame
Penetrate the earth
Living dead nights
Futures not to bright
Sight beyond sight
Thats right
Hell no
Too wrong
Still sing songs
To pass the buck
Written with instruct
Delivering words of power
Laced with hours
Of replay
They say time is money
Then im rich
With cycles of Thinks
Bout makers of the Sphinx
Space invader marathon
My mind beened spaced
Ignorance a waste
Of good spongy
If u do it
Do it lovely
No one above thee
After tapping into
Strategies of peace and war
Haters knock at your door
Show love
Fear nothing
Will something
Into states of being
Freeing your stress
Get rest
The moon dough tests
Even the best
Can get vexxed
Its the Fifth
Remember lifes a gift
No need for rifts
Between different culturals
Thats what the man wants
Pursue mans vaults
Of H.U.L.K.
And words of gods
It is as it was
And it was fd up
Pour another cup
Of spirits
To blind your mind
Your feared it
Them devils are strong
Tell me i'm wrong
Its hard to stand up
Too many kneed up
Bowing to flaws
In existence brawls
They want your mind
Want your spine
All it took was a little wine
Some squares
And a chain with flair

Take a look around at your space
A look at your face
This real or fake
The 8 sideways
These days destructive
Reflective struggle
Collective conscious
Borg on us
I hit me u feel it
Its the cicle of life
Lying kings
Corrupting the jungle
U screaming uncle
Lifes in submission
Listen to the call of the wild
With intellectual style
Lifes the trial
Dont be afraid of judgement
This caged world be above it
The rhythm
We dug it
Preach h.u.l.k.
Relieve discomfort
21st century
Who would of thunk it
Chained to microchips
The invisible whip
Laying the smack down
Be a clown and your down
Posterchild for sin
Gets you in
An armored wing
Of luxury
The rest dollar generals
Puffin chests for cells
We living swell
Ring the liberty bell
We mathmatics
To balance unfair practice
Unfair status
My chain was heavy
Cloned snatched it
Now mind is ready
To see more than superficial
Officially super
Since 76
70 chics
Take back your live
Be good to your wive
Cause when shit gets real
Your only reverse eyes
Wanna keep a secret tell no one
Once its leaked
Its on repeat
Gossip travels at the speed of light
That's why I'm The Captain


released November 5, 2011


all rights reserved



Quartez Lansing, Michigan

Space Captain and sometimes I rap.

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